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Monday, May 26, 2008

CosPlay: originality or recognition?


Me answering more questions on CosPlay forums:

If you head here , you'll see my website about the costume I'm currently working on. It's Lord Sesshomaru from InuYasha. I'm completely obsessed with this guy, so it only seemed logical I CosPlay him.

Well, it started out as me just planning a simple "CosPlay" costume. I originally planned just to do a quick, "once-over-look-like-the-guy" costume, like I normally would do for any other character. You know, the average type of CosPlay costume.

Than I started planning. And planning. And studying. First thing I realized, is that I picked probably the worst nightmare of a costume I could have picked to make. This costume, consists of a kosode, a furisode, a hakama, an 8 foot long "tail-thing", a suit of armor that's absolute hell to recreate, and all kinds of little weird details and things, that most other character would not have had. So I started writing up a list of all the things I needed, (which was the start of my website, BTW), and the next thing I know, not only am I planning this costume, but now I'm surrounded by huge library books on the history of Japanese clothen in the 1500's.

Next thing I know, my goal is no longer to make a Lord Sesshomaru costume for CosPlay.... no, now I'm going to recreate his entire wardrobe, including all 4 of the different costumes we see him wearing. Thing is, I'm not creating the wardrobe we see on the anime and mangas, now I'm recreating what he WOULD have worn, had he been a REAL lord in ancient Japan.

The end result of this is a costume that is going to cost me a fortune and take about 3 or 4 years to make, because I'm doing the whole thing by hand, including the embroidery of the 4 kimonos, and I'm going to do REAL metal armor, not foam or plastic or whatever, like I had originally planned. Thing is I'm still doing Lord Sesshomaru, but I've changed everything all around so that it'll be historically accurate enough for me to double it as a Japanese persona I can wear to SCA (historical reenactment) conventions as well.

My Lord Sesshomaru costume has gone from a CosPlay costume, to a historical reenactment costume fit for the SCA! LOL!

When I get done, it'll still be easily recognized as Lord Sesshomaru, but it'll be changed from the norm, not at all what you normally seen done by other CosPlayers, being less fantasy and more real and will more closely resemble a real nobleman's outfit than a CosPlay one.

So yea... I say go with originality. If you can still recognize that is was the character when you get done, than yay you! If not, well than, you've created your own character, and even more yay you!

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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