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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do You Ever Run Out Of Blog Topics To Write About?


Nope, I am never out of topics!

I have a lot of hobbies and lead a very busy life. I get my ideas for topics to write about from my life, my hobbies, my jobs, my family, things I do, places I go, etc. I have 32 different blogs, when I get bored with one I start writing on a different one. I go back and forth between them, because I try to keep each one on it's own topic. Here is a list of the things that inspire me most:

* I am a writer. I write books. I write short stories. I started writing in 1978. I have been writing for a very long time. I have a million and one fictional characters running rampant in my brain, begging, no not begging, demanding I write about them. I write so much so often, that I get a lot of emails asking for advice on how to be a better writer, and thus I currently have 32 Squidoo lenses devoted to helping writers write and publish what they write, all of which started out as posts from my "Writing Blog".

* Comic books. I love comic books. I own more than 7,000 comic books. I collect comic book memorabilia. I collect autographed comic books from my fave comic book authors and artists. I email most of said authors and artists constantly. I am a CosPlayer. I dress up in my daily life as my favorite comic book characters. I am a freelance writer who writes comic book scripts for Danish comic books. Did I mention I love comic books and that my favorite Squidoo lens of all the lenses I have ever made is completely devoted to a comic book character and resulted in nearly 20 other sub-lenses spun off of it, and that all of the content found on those lenses originated off of 4 different blogs of mine?

* M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E spells Donald Duck! And I'm still loving comic books. I love Disney. I love Disney Ducks. I own one of the world's largest Disney Comic book collections. I have gotten a lot of them autographed. I collect Disney comic books, Disney DVDs, Dinesy picture books, Disney toys, Disney cloths, Disney socks, Disney totebags . . . hell I'm a walking Disney advertisement half the time! LOL! I got A LOT of Disney related Squidoo lenses, and again, those all started out as posts off my blogs.

* Manga. What is Manga you ask? Why it's Japanese comic books of course! uh-uh, even more comic books. You know, I'm seeing a pattern here . . . comic books strike again! Three of my highest ranking Squidoo lenses are devoted to Manga and Anime (cartoons based on Japanese Comic Books), all of which were created using posts off of my CosPlay blog.

* I'm a costumer-fashion designer-Glam-Goth-CosPlayer-Historical Reenactor: big hair, bright colors, fishnets, sparkles, sequins, gowns fit for an 1300's princess from France and elaborate kimonos any Japanese demon would envy, capes, hats, frock coats, all that glitters is better than gold, esp if it's purple. I make all of my cloths myself from drawings I created and patterns I made from scratch, a result of having a seamstress for a mother and taking a two year course in Dressmaking and Fashion Design. I write about CosPlay, fashion, and sewing, often yapping about my projects as I create them.

* I live on a farm. I own and run The Pidgie Fund, a shelter that rescues feral cats and pit-fighter cocks (roosters). My home is currently the home of 13 formally stray no-longer feral cats, and 60+ now tame and peaceful roosters, and one 13 year old dog who loves all his cats and birds. I write about animals as a result.

* I have a garden. Me and my dog and my cats and my birds all spend hours in the shade of my rose bushes and lilacs and hostas and lilies and orchids. I have a few posts about plants and gardening.

* I like to cook. I am a vegetarian. I love Asian food. I love pizza. I have posts on cooking and foods.

* I read books. A lot of books. I read books A LOT. I collect books. I own The Twighlight Manor Library. In The Twighlight Manor Library collection is more than 10,000 books which took me nearly 30 years to acquire. I have library cards at 4 local and one state library. I take out an average of 15 books each week, from EACH of those 5 libraries. When those 5 libraries have book sales, they provide lots of big boxes just for me, because they know I'll be the first one through the door, and I'll buy them out in the first hour of the sale, so long as I can keep packing more books into my dad's car, my mom's car, and my boyfriend's car, and the cars of anyone else I can convince to tag along to help me carry home the hundreds of books I buy each time I go to a library book sale. Yes, I really do buy books at a rate of hundreds a week and by car loads. . . you don't end up with more than 10,000 books by buying one or two books at a time! I love all of my books and I have several posts devoted to them.

* I like music, movies, and video games. I write posts about singers, music, actors, TV shows, movies, and video games.

* I obsess very obsessively over the things I like best in this world and end up with massive collections and lots of lenses about those collections. I have 32 blogs and 264 Squidoo lenses because like everything else in my life, I could not join Blogger or Squidoo without getting obsessed over it.

Everytime anything happens in my life it inspires me to write something about it, so I never run out of ideas, and don't expect I ever will.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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