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Monday, May 19, 2008

Some Thoughts On Life Acting


Life acting is living in costume 24/7, it is when your costume is no longer considered a costume, because it is actually your street cloths. While reading the threads on, I find that most folks CosPlay only one or two days a year. Only a few live "in costume". Interesting.

I live in costume, have been nearly 15 years now. I love it when people come up to me and ask if there is a fair or a carnival or something near by. Because I live in "the arts district" a lot of people ask me if I'm promoting a play for a local theater or something! LOL!

It's a bit creepy though when you go shopping and the store security guards follows you all over the place! 0.O When I first started doing this, this kind of thing happened A LOT! Most stores see me in there building so much now (as I shop in the same places over and over again) that they are used to me and don't bother with me anymore.

I've been doing this so long now, though, that most folks around here have seen me at some point and I'm just "one of the weird locals".

People are always asking me what I look like in my street cloths, and I tell them, these are my street cloths; than they say, "No, I mean, what do you wear around the house?"... you're looking at it. "But what do you wear when you are not in costume?... Honey, I am NOT in costume NOW, this REALLY IS the way I dress every day 24/7!

It farther shocks people when I tell them that I am a farmer, I even dress like this when doing chore such as tilling the garden and shoveling out stalls.

Fact is, I do not even own any "normal" cloths, that "normal" people would consider "normal" street cloths.

When asked why I do this, I explain that originally Halloween was my favorite day, and I hated that I only got to "dress up" one day of the year, so each October, I would wear my costumes every day of the month. After a couple of years of doing this though, I realized, that wearing costume only for the month of October wasn't cutting it for me either, these cloths were the cloths that I REALLY liked wearing, I hated my "normal" street cloths, I loved my costumes, and before I knew it I was wearing them 356 days a year.

I don't do it to scare anybody, or to shock anybody, or to make any kind of statement or anything like that, I do it because this is just who I am, and these are the cloths I just feel most comfortable wearing.

For the most part, I do historical reenactment stuff, and when I do characters, I do what they would have worn had they been real, and not exactly what they wore in the books/shows.

Would you get on the news? Not unless you were really doing something newworthy, likely robbing banks in costume... if you are not breaking any laws, news reporters are not interested in you.

You will get people who want to take your picture though... I get that.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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