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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What is the lowest amount of eBay seller feedback you buy from?


What is the lowest amount of eBay seller feedback you buy from? I love this question as I'm an avid eBayer.... known across the forums as the much feared: EK the Sniper. To date no one who has ever bid against me, has been able to win. My best snipe time to date was 3 seconds before auction end. I achieve my snipping success, by bidding low early, and than placing a bid high, while counting done the seconds to the end before hitting the confirm bid button. While this can be done with dail -up, it's easier to do with cable. But anyways, I found that question on a forum and here is my answer:

What is the lowest amount of eBay seller feedback you buy from?

I stick with 99.7%, but I always read the feedback to find out why it got low. If it was for a "bad" reason than I won't buy from them (say, non-shipment, wrong item shipped and no exchange offered, etc).

Also, I ALWAYS read the kind of feedback they left for others... if they are really rude and bitchy in their feedback left to others, than I won't buy from them. Being a business minded woman, myself, I do not like to deal with sellers who do not treat their eBay store with professionalism. If they are acting childish in their comments, chances are good that they will act childish in their business skills too: sloppy packing, not insuring items, etc.

I have bought items from sellers with lower feedback 90% range, because after reading their feedback, found that the problem was the buyers and not the sellers fault.... such as [I]"left a neg because shipping was so high"[/I] Happens a lot, even though shipping was listed in the auction!

or [I]"left neg because you said it was purple but it looked blue on my screen and it arrived purple, but I wanted blue"[/I] Man! I see this one in fabric auctions all the time! If the seller says it's purple, than you better believe it's purple no matter what your screen color shows you! Why do people leave a neg for something like that!

If the negs are for stupid things like that, things that are the buyers own fault and had nothing to do with the seller, than I'll buy from someone with lower feedback.

Proudly I can say I've been on eBay since 2004 and I have 100% feedback! YAY me! Of course I'm a buyer only, and don't sell anything, so, it doesn't do you any good to know that unless I'm buying something from you! LOL!

If it was just three days ago, than the links are still clickable. Go take a look at the item in question. When did the bidding end? Where is it being shipped from? Where is it being shipped too? Did the buyer actually allow enough time for the item to arrive? It is a very common thing for buyers to not wait long enough.

eBay says to wait 30 days for an item to arrive, before leaving a neg. Did the buyer wait 30 days?

eBay says to try to talk to the seller and find out what happened. Often the comments between buyer and seller will show up on the auction listing, down at the bottom of the bidding page. Check out the item in question, scroll to the bottom of the page. Is there any conversation going on between buyer and seller? no? why not? If the buyer is complaining in with neg feedback, why didn't they first send the seller a question about the item?

How was the item shipped? It usually says the shipping method on the auction page. If the buyer opted for a cheaper shipping method, than they can be expected to wait up to 3 weeks for in country and up to 6 weeks for overseas shipping! Did they choose the cheap shipping and if so did wait the full 6 weeks before complaining?

If the seller is overseas from the buyer, did the buyer take the customs laws into consideration? In some places, such as Italy, the government puts a hold on all packages going overseas, until the proper officials have had time to examine the contents of the package (and yes, that does mean they open the package to see what is inside!) If you are dealing with a country with laws like this, you could be looking at a 4 or 5 month wait before they get around to checking your package! (this happened to me, more than once, but it hasn't stopped me from buying items from Italy. I do however, plan for this to happen now, and bid on items knowing that it could be 6 months or more before I see them.)

I live in Maine, USA.

I've been a member on eBay since 2004. In that time I have bought more than 300 items, about 65% of which I bought from overseas.

I've bought stuff from Canada, UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, and Papua New Guinea.

The fastest was from Canada (Quebec) took 5 days. Longest was Italy, took 3 months.

I have had the best experiences with items coming from Quebec and France, rarely do items take more than 10 days to arrive from either country, and as such I tend to buy from these 2 countries more often than the others because I know they get shipped out quickly.

If you really really want an item, but are not sure about the feedback at a first glance, than it's time to do some heavy duty, looking into the feedback of both buyer and seller and all the reasons why and how the bad feedback came about. If you find that the bad feedback was simply a misunderstanding or was the fault of the buyer and not the seller, than go ahead and place your bid; but if you find that this seller has a history of bad feedback for the same reason over and over again, and they show no signs of correcting the problem, than you should probably wait for someone else to be selling the same item.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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