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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

InuYasha 558: After 11 Years It Has Ended! :(



My fave series has ended!

I want more, Inu stories.... I'll have to settle for fanfic now.

*crys* no more new stories about my Sesshy :(

Oh... love the ending though! Jumped into the future... weddings, babies and all! YAY!

Mad at Keade, GRRRRR, I do not agree with her. *fumes and throws poison venom at her*...

...seems Sesshy don't agree with her either.... cool! *rushes off to write fanfic about Fluffy visiting Rin* We all know he doesn't want her going back to a human village, or he wouldn't be there, willingly being surrounded by all those pathetic humans! :) Sesshie's glare at Kagome's new title for him = Priceless! LOL! LOL! LOL!

I'm miffed over Kaede taking Rin away from Sesshomaru X( but, seeing how Sesshy is visiting Rin, we can hope they get together once she's grown up. Looks like Rumiko is not going to be telling us either way :( , so I'm going to assume they will and be happy with that. :)

here's the English online edition:

The end spread out over quite a few chapters, so it depends on how far back it's been since you last read it, how far back you want to start reading.

In the 460's we meet Sesshomaru's mom, and by 516 he got his left arm back...which I thought was weird, but than Inu and Sesshy joined forces and set out together to battle Naraku.

Which took another 40 chapters! LOL! So tech. the ending starts at 549 and ends at 557, and than 558 is a final wrap-up that tells us what happened to the gang after they went their separate ways, which was this:

They killed Naraku, than Miroku and Sango got married and had a bunch of kids, Kagome wused her wish to destroy the jewel and got set back home and the well dissapeared, but than 3 years later, the well came back so she and InuYasha get married, kohaku goes off with Totosai and Mioga to train to become a demon slayer, ... over all I liked the whole ending, except for what happened to my fave pair, and Rumiko didn't tell us why it happened, but Kaede suddenly decided that Rin shouldn't be with Sesshomaru anymore and took her away from him. :( But now he stays near by the village to keep an eye on Rin while she lives with Kaede.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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