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Sunday, June 1, 2008

SCA Judging Critera: Embroidery, Counted and Free Form: Novice


I was looking up embroidery competitions, cause I'm thinking of entering my kimono's in one after I get them finished, which is maybe a year or so down the road, but if I want to enter I need to know the rules before I start! Well, I'm copying the rules here to my blog, from their web site so that I'll be able to reference them. Here is the Novice Rules:

SCA Judging Criteria: Embroidery, Counted and Free Form: Novice

    DOCUMENTATION 0-8 pts. Judging and scoring for Documentation is based on a graduated level of knowledge and discussion of the components of the item. For Novice level, a 3x5 card is the minimum required, but more is encouraged. Any discussion beyond listing of the criteria below, on period practice, any conscious compromises or research is encouraged and should receive higher points than simply listing the information. Verbal feedback during the judging, how well the entrant understands the process of the creation of their item beyond what is written, can enhance the Documentation score. Give score based on the following:

    *Description of entry including some of the following: country of origin, period of origin, characteristics of style for that period.

    *Lists materials and skills used to complete the project

    *Lists methods and tools used to complete the project

    *Research and reference: cites at least one source and one visual or descriptive reference, or two of either.

    AUTHENTICITY 0-8 pts. Judge this at the Novice level, keeping in mind any plausible/explained deviations or substitutions from authentic period equivalents (reasonable substitutions for elements that are too toxic, too expensive or too rare). Efforts to achieve a completely authentic item (except those items that are unsafe) will score best.
    * Form/function—is it a period item and does it work in a period way (apparent knowledge or application of period practice)
    * Methods of creation— handwork vs. machine work, any charting, transfer, pattern, etc.

    * Materials used—stitches, pattern, backing and thread material (linen, silk, wool, vs. DMC floss, etc.)

    *Design, style--period design or style or gives a period effect

    COMPLEXITY 1-5 pts Rank the ambition of the entry, not the workmanship, based on the following. Judge the entrant at the Novice level, keeping in mind that not all period items are complex.

    *Scope of endeavor (# of pieces, size of work in relation to amount of detail, etc.)

    *Difficulty/variety of design elements used—variety of motifis/ how they are combined

    *Difficulty/variety of techniques attempted—elements/motifs/stitches

    *Difficulty/variety of media, materials, tools used—e.g. velvet, metallics, handspun, etc., are harder)

    *Extent of original work or ideas

    WORKMANSHIP 1-5 pts. Rank the quality of execution and success of the entry. Judge the entrant at the Novice level, based on the following:

    *Effective use of tools, methods and execution

    *Techniques, handling of materials, etc.—tension, starts, ends, neatness, evenness, finishing

    *Design: period aesthetics, motifs, design (note: period sense of balance and proportion is not necessarily the same as modern) etc

    *Form/Function: does it do what it should do and look as it should look?

    *Period styling or personalization or special embellishment

    OVERALL QUALITY 1-4 pts. Evaluate the work as a whole, rating the aesthetic effect and appeal beyond the mere technical proficiency. Consider how you react to the entry (intuitive response) and other items not previously addressed. This is the 'wow' factor; following are some examples to consider, but the category is not limited to these.

    *Completely authentic from the ground up


    *Unique or outstanding display or attempt at period presentation


    *Logical creative endeavor within a period methodology (creativity/individuality)


    *You want to take it home because it is really outstanding

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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