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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Is The Best Thing About CosPlay?


When it comes to picking, creating a persona, creating a costume, wearing a costume, and acting out your character, what is it about costuming and CosPlay that you like the most?

For me it's all about making the costume. I love the thrill of the challenge of doing a harder costume than the last one, and drawing up the patterns, and hunting down the supplies. I esp love it if I have to hunt down some rare hard to find item, even more so if it sends me to antique shops to look for it... it's like a scavenger hunt, trying to find just the right item!!!!.

I love hand embroidery work and bead-work, so I always look for projects that need a lot of both.

As a general rule the harder the project is, the better, and if it's not too hard to do, than I'll find ways to change it and make it more advanced and harder to make, just for the sake of giving myself a bigger challenge.

Historical accuracy is my thing I get all hung up on. I can not make a costume, until I have first done a massive study into the character... their fictional cannon history, and than the history of what they SHOULD have been like had the been real and not fictional.

Than I write up an essay detailing the life history of the fictional character vs how they should have been in real life, and lastly I start designing the costume by combining elements of the fictional character, with elements of real historical figures. When I get done I have a costume for a fictional character that is also historically accurate, though for some characters it's a bit more difficult to pull this off... but just because people tell me it can't be done, doesn't mean I'm not going to go ahead and make a darned good attempt at it. In fact... the more people tell me that what I am doing can not be done, the more I'm going to fight to prove them wrong! LOL!

After all the work that goes into my costumes, I do not always end up wearing them. Some of them, I have put so much work into that I end up treating them like museum pieces and never wear them, at all!

It's not so much important for me to have an item to wear so much as it is for me to be able to say: "OMG! I can't believe I actually made that myself!!!"

I guess you could say, that for me it's all about the journey and not the destination.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!


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