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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Etsy RE: A vent regarding hand knitted items....


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A vent regarding hand knitted items....

LesTricotsDuCoeur says:
I'm a knitter, and everything in my shop is hand knitted (not machine knitted, HAND knitted).

I spend numerous hours working on a single piece, and I pay good money for nice wool and fiber to work with. I think I should be able to set a fair price for my work, and get good business. But how can I do it when everywhere on Etsy I find elaborate pieces selling at ridiculously low prices?

Too low prices is killing the market for everyone.

This isn't Walmart.
This is ETSY, a place for handcrafters.
Handmade items are pieces of art.
So why do I find 6' handknitted scarves selling for $20??? A pair or elaborate mittens going for $17? This is crazy.

When I pay $20 for a skein of Merino wool, am I supposed to sell a piece I worked 10 hours on $25 because the competition is selling theirs $26?

This is a message to handknitters (and to any other crafters that recognise themselves in this)....
PLEASE do not sell your creations short. You are not doing anyone a favor, especially not yourself.

EelKat says:
I agree! and it's not just knitted stuff either! I've seen people selling rag dolls for $3 THREE DOLLARS! OMG! You can't even get a fat quarter of fabric for $3 any more and these dolls take a couple of yards just for the dresses! The should be getting something like $300 for the doll not $3

I've seen a couple of $100 doll houses too. How do you make a doll house for that much? Materials alone for the average doll house cost around a thousand dollars. It's crazy to sell a full size wooden, furnished, scale doll house for ANYTHING less than $2,000

These people must be independently wealthy millionaires to be able to afford to buy the materials than sell the items for a fraction of the supply costs. I mean, sure, I'd love to sell at lower costs too, but, unlike them, I'm not independently wealthy and I have bills to pay and a family to feed.

Yes, I agree as others said, creating items is good therapy, but what good did the therapy of creating the item do, when the cost of materials bankrupts you and causes more stress than you had to begin with?

I don't worry about them taking sales away from me though, because everything I make is a one of a kind item. A work of art. People who want art, will pay whatever price you charge high or low, because they know they have too, because there is not another one like it in the world and they CAN'T find it cheaper elsewhere.

Just as you noticed knitting because you knit, I noticed rag dolls and doll houses because that's what I make.

Waiting for Emmett to come.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

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