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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More thoughts on writing doll patterns


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I like making doll houses - if they didn't cost so much money upfront to build, I might consider selling them

  • EelKatEelKat 

    of course I may decide to make extra sets of dolls to sell - we'll see how long each set takes to makefrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    yep, I'll be making several different sets of dolls - I know what I'm like, one set will never be enough :)from web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    I think it would be a perfect house for the seven dwarfs to live in actually or Red Riding Hood's grandmotherfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    It's very "fairy tale" so I'm thinking of making sets of fairy tale dolls as well as the gnome familyfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    and after about 12 years of customization, it's not the Glencroft House any more ;)from web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    my doll house started out in life as a "Glencroft Kit" if any one is familiar with doll houses, but was recut and altered by mefrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    so I'm going to call the doll pattern "Laughing Gnome Hollow" after the name of the doll housefrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    my doll house is sort of like a "hobbit house" but not in a hill, I designed it as a gnome house named Laughing Gnome Hollowfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    So the second set will be smaller sized - I'm thinking 8" like Rose Petal or 11" like Rainbow Bright sizes, maybe I'll do bothfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    I won't making any more of my big 18" - 30" dolls any time soon though, just because they take up so much time to make & room to storefrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    than, I'm going to remake the SAME dolls on a larger, child's-play-doll scale, though not sure what size I'll go with yetfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    so, I'm working on a set of 1/12 scale dolls, which I won't be selling, but I will be selling the pattern for once they are finishedfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    the doll house weighs about 75lbs and is very hard to move, but I never made the dolls to go in itfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    it's got real moss growing on the roof, and a stone fire place build out of fish tank gravel and mortarfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    the doll house is huge and has taken years and hundreds of dollars to build - it's a stucco and bean house with live cherry trees andfrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    I've made tons of 1/12 scale dolls before, but never did make the gnome/troll/fairy set to go with my ever growing 1/12 scale doll housefrom web

  • EelKatEelKat 

    making more doll pattern sketches - I've decided to make a set of 6" doll house ones ( 1/12 scale) first

  • Waiting for Emmett to come.

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